Our 2019 Application Will Be Available on november 1.

Please be in touch with any questions.  


What our teachers do:

  • Design a 4-week course on whatever subject you choose

  • Lead your course in a small discussion seminar in June 2019

  • Work with a traditionally underserved group of students in rural Mississippi or Arkansas

  • Develop as a teacher through this experience, our coaching, and collaboration with other teachers

  • Enjoy a Delta summer for a month in rural Mississippi or Arkansas

  • Earn a stipend to cover living expenses for your work

Application Process:

November 1, 2018
Teacher Application Available 

Feb. 1, 2018
Application Due

Nov.-Feb.: Rolling Basis
Candidates invited to submit course proposals. 

Feb. 23, 2018
Course Proposals Due

Feb.-March 2018
Candidate Interviews

April 1, 2018
Notification of Acceptance & Find out where you're teaching!

Our commitment to diversity in recruiting and selecting applicants:

We are committed to bringing doctoral candidates of different races, ethnicities, economic backgrounds, physical abilities, genders, sexual orientations, political and religious beliefs, universities, and academic disciplines to teach our students. Part of the argument that we’re making to students is that the most rigorous college classrooms are places where they can thrive and succeed. We make that argument when our teachers hold students to the intellectual expectations of the college classrooms at the research universities where they teach and study. When our teachers share the racial or economic background of our students, that argument is made even stronger. Therefore, we place an additional focus on recruiting doctoral candidates of color and from low-income backgrounds.

How to Apply

1. submit an application

  • Personal Information

  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Statement of Teaching Philosophy

  • Optional: Attend an Info Session

    • On your campus or online!


Invitation to Submit a Course Proposal: We'll respond within three weeks of submitting your application with an invitation to submit a course proposal.

Optional: Get Course Feedback // Attend an online course proposal workshop! Receive direct feedback from us on your course!

2. SUBMIT A course proposal

  • Vision for your course

  • Daily Objectives

  • Vision for final project

3. Interviews

  • One interview with a Freedom Summer Collegiate staff member

  • One interview with a staff member at one of our partner programs


May 28 - May 30 : Orientation Conference in Jackson, MS
May 31 : Site Orientation
June 3 - July 3: Teaching Program

Have questions about our program? Please see Answers to Frequently Asked Questions. 

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All of the courses that our Fellows design and teach will be available for free to download here! If you're applying to be a Fellow, use the "Course Templates" to design your course.